Sunday, 29 September 2013

Delight more than a Dilemma

I have come to that point in the road where changes need to be made. New directions. I write about this regularly in my personal journals, and the desire seems to be occurring more frequently. Surreptitiously does the body begin to feel the onset of age (I won't say OLD, but I hope you know what I mean). I am wittering and not saying what is whirlygigging itself into a knot in my head. Come clean - new  technology is beguiling me, new creative materials and supplies are stockpiled in my roof space, and new professional ways to share what I do are waiting to be set down on paper.

All of which tells you nothing! Which shows you that when I meet that fork in the road, I will not know as yet in which direction to travel. Be myself and avoid cul-de-sacs. And I'm incapable of creating a post on mu iPad !!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Light a candle ...

Out shopping yesterday for functional items for the house and garden, I spotted this beautiful, delicate and subtly-scented candle - well it was the holder actually that caught my eye. And as that morning I had achieved a self-imposed goal, I decided it would look perfect in my office-cum-workroom, on my desk by the window where I think and write creative thoughts.

For you see, whenever I light it, I will remember with gratitude the support of so many people who unknowingly have helped me reach my target of 10,000 page-hits on the Blog that I am engaged to write for the Three Counties Showground. At 9.00am yesterday, I switched on the computer, checked the stats, and the magic figure was there! 

So my candle represents a celebration for all the times readers known and unknown have read the blog or responded to a prompt on Facebook or Twitter. Thankyou for making it happen. I am not celebrating my achievement, for I am but the voice telling a story; it's the subject that matters. And I'm not stopping at 10,000; I never thought such a figure could be reached when I began in February, previewing and reviewing the Malvern Shows, and next week I'll be at the Autumn Show - more posts. Such a magical setting, and so much inspiration-in-waiting for all the things I most love doing. I hope my posts will beguile you: Ann's Malvern Jotter.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Images for Printing on Cloth

The secret of the rocks
Brittany Indulgence - I spent ten days with my husband in Brittany and of all that we did, travelling with our motorhome, this was my most perfect afternoon, at Kerval Plage near Douarnenez. The long beach was deserted and in the distance, with the tide coming in, I spotted this cave. I had to explore. Took me ten minutes to reach it, and I had to make sure I would not be cut off. And when I got there, what a find. Recent rocks falls, where the whole cliff face had dropped away, had revealed such rock structures and formations and colours to die (dye) for. I must have taken 30 large shots, intending to print on fabric. Reducing them does not do them justice. I was afraid that the strong sunlight would bleach them but no, I have enough material here to print and snip and re-purpose. It was just so beautiful, so peaceful, and completely restorative. Just what the doctor ordered !!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Just an Experiment

Trialling various new techniques in this altered book
In my spare time over the last few days I have been experimenting with various techniques that I plant to use when on holiday for an 'altered book journal'. By rights this should be posted on my Journaling Blog, but on that I like to give guidance as to how to achieve similar results, and this post is actually to demo to myself a new scanner. So here goes - many different techniques were used here, though I think the one I am most pleased with is the map at the bottom: scanned in the new scanner then printed on paper I had dyed myself using old tea-bags. The map is much clearer that way than antiquing it afterwards. Or at least I think so!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The significance of beetroot

A feast for us, and leaves for the hens
Those who read this blog occasionally may well wonder why beetroot is significant today, especially since I have not posted for three months. But those who follow me on Facebook may well understand when I mention the word 'kitchen' which has been a stranger to me since the refurbishment began so many months ago. A stranger in the sense that I have been without running water, sink, cooker and dishwasher for much of that time. The grit and dust is interminable, and as RQ commented tonight to our younger son, it's half an inch thick ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Well not quite as bad as that but pretty horrendous. And as RQ continues the grinding, we live in the motorhome during the day.

Until this evening: although there is still weeks of work until all is finished, the cooker and sink are reconnected and I prepared our supper in the house again. Hence the significance of beetroot, for I prepared a huge dishful, grown in the garden, boiled and cooled, sliced and doused in malt vinegar to preserve it until all is eaten. So delicious and a vegetable apart when compared with shop-bought. I could not have done this in the m'home (well I could, but the steam would have been impossible). So we delighted in the beetroot and my dilemma is, how will I know where anything is for I will now be preparing meals again in two places - m'home during the day when dust flies everywhere, and the unfinished kitchen in the evening - such a LARGE space - when tools are put away. Oh such delights that are yet to come.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


When you have been on a Showground as beautiful as that of the Three Counties Agricultural Society and have been writing and posting solidly for five days, I think one may be forgiven for expressing a feeling of exhaustion, particularly when, as in my case, I had to actually LOOK at what I was writing about! I cannot keep away from this location, so it is good to have been working here, at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show, and previewing it for the last three months.  Do check it out: The link may need to be pasted into your browser as I am writing this on my iPad, and technology has been problematical over the last five days.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Will this work?

Experimental, but I think it will work - and followers of this blog
are the first to be able to comment on its success - pleas do so.
For the last three months, I have been engaged to write a new blog for the Malvern Spring Gardening Show, which this year runs from 9th-12th May. Ten posts in all, culminating in the one I posted today: It's been a wonderful adventure - something in all my years of commissioned writing that I have never attempted before. I will be blogging 'live' next week over the four days of the Show, a sort of kaleidoscopic scrapbook, and decided today that I could make use of TurboCollage to create the scrapbook feel. The image above is an experiment - I have often posted my photo collages on Facebook, but never tried to paste them into a blog. Does it work? What do you think of the idea to encapsulate the ambiance of a special event?