Monday, 29 October 2012

Aceto di Vino

A cherished delight
It's a crisp sunny morning here in the north Cotswolds, and a long way from Castellina in Chianti in Italy, where we discovered this beautiful 'vinegar jar' in a dusty shop on the main street - somewhere between Florence and Sienna. Why anyone needed a 2ft high ceramic vessel and so much vinegar I could not imagine but my husband reminded me that they preserve a profusion of produce in Summer and Autumn and vinegar, along with olive oil, is a much-needed product. (We make vinegar all too easily, by mistake; our apple wine is apt to become vinegar by default!)

That was all at least fifteen or more years ago and we had rented an apartment in another little village whose name escapes me, flew into Italy from Birmingham and hired the tiniest Fiat imaginable, along with our daughter and son-in-law. But we fell in love with the 'Aceto di Vino' jar; money was exchanged and back it came with us to the apartment. Getting it home was another matter. The car was already full to bursting with ourselves and luggage, so I sat with it between my legs. Raymond then wove a string cradle to carry it onto the aircraft - customs wanted the string removed but he refused - and he sat with it between his legs for the flight home. It now sits in an alcove in the lounge alongside other, much smaller, glass and ceramic artefacts we have collected over the years. Always a delight, and a reminder of one hot summer and a country now too far for us to visit.

P.S. Thankyou to all of you who have looked at my new blog, are following it and have taken the time and trouble to leave me a comment. It is much appreciated.


  1. What a beautiful vinegar jar. I did enjoy reading about its discovery and its journey home with you. Holiday memories always seem particularly strong and colourful. A treat for you to revisit them on a day when you are not feeling well.

    Hoping that your cold soon clears and that you will find great pleasure in your newest blog.

  2. A lovely new blog I don't know how you manage to fit it all in!

  3. A lovely piece! I'm amazed it survived the journey home though.

    Barbara x