Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oranges light the dark table

Bright fruit on the dining-room table
We have bowls of oranges, satsumas and clementines around the house! Not only does the glow of colour light a dull day, they are a necessary part of my husband's diet. Which is a very mundane reason for having them. A shame I find them tedious to peel; so I leave them all for him. But reading through a newly acquired cookbook, I come across an intriguing recipe for marmalade which, it appears, can be made at any time of year as it does not specify the usual 'Seville' sour oranges. I'll have to reduce the quantity and try it. Lovely for breakfast, but alas, dear R. will not be able to enjoy it as fresh fruit is OK, sugary preserves are not. This is a dilemma.

PS It is so lovely to see some more readers have 'joined' my new blog. Thankyou. Now for a day in the garden as the sun is shining and there is much to do.

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