Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spoiled for choice!

Dilemma, but a bit of fun, nevertheless.
Sitting by the fire a couple of nights ago, I decided I needed to create a few 'personal identification logos', little cartouches that I could pick-and-mix when I want to mention a blog-post on Facebook without using one of the posted images - or in the case of this blog, the only image, for 'Dilemmas & Delights' is a one image per post blog.

So I scribbled a page of faces; I now have a choice of twelve, yet to be coloured, from my pale golden hair of childhood to what I can only describe as bleached straw, though it's never had bleach anywhere near it! So from the delights (for me) of the first three blog posts, this is dilemma day, as to which face is really 'me', in all my moods.

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