Monday, 26 November 2012

Caught in the (helpful) act !

Now I know why the new bread knife is blunt! "The best tool", I was told, "for cutting the insulation that is going between the joists in the refurbished kitchen". Such a job to remove the old insulation that was a sort of fibreboard that had gone rock solid, but partially collapsed when the roof leaked and it fell on the cooker. That was but a part; the rest is in progress, with Raymond making special tools to extract it - fair bit of welding involved. But we shall be so warm and cosy once it is all done, in this the oldest room in the house; and completely watertight when the weather warms so the new roof above can be laid. May seem a bit back to front, but its been such a wet summer.

So how could I reproach the dear man for such hard work? (I can always buy another knife!) Instead, I berated the Bank on his behalf for making a mistake with his account and then writing him (us) a most discourteous and inaccurate letter. No wonder he lay awake all night worrying - not good at age 80-plus.

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