Saturday, 17 November 2012


Cluttered? This is actually organised and tidy, though it may not look so!
(click on the image if you want to view it at a larger size)
I have spent three days sorting my office, the better to reflect my current and ongoing commissions, and the fact I will go crazy if I cannot fit more creative art into my life. Still not finished (a couple of boxes of notes to be sorted, analysed and filed - mostly word-whispers and text for commissioned article series. The 'office' (once a child's bedroom) still retains the bed made for one of the children by my husband, but now with a work-surface over it. On this are all the trays that hold material for features - gardening, travel, and creative topics, plus boxes of books for reference and review. It hasn't been properly sorted for eighteen months; just been too busy! There are two other 'areas' in this little room (not shown) my desk by the window where I am now, and where I prefer to work (on my laptop) with the windowsill on my left holding art materials and journals going back to the year 2000, a bookcase also built by my husband with more reference books, and then the 'working area' near the door - a 3-sided space with storage chest, instructional books, two printers, scanner, my old laptop and computer on which is stored my library of text and images material.

It's all squirrelled away, and as I can no longer remember where I put down my pen, let alone my camera, or files to which I refer infrequently, I have resorted to labelling all the boxes and trays and making a reference plan. Such a relief (even though this is only a part of the house that needs de-clutter treatment) but my blood-presure is down for the first time in a week - I keep forgetting to check it. Must make tea for Raymond and find the lemon drizzle cake.


  1. There is nothing wrong with creative clutter Ann! You sound very organised. I wish I could say the same.

    Finding more time for creative things has to be a priority when you have been so stressed. You do sound so much better.

    1. Thankyou so much; though I'm not as organised as I might seem, as the whole house - and garden - needs so much attention. But I certainly AM feeling so much calmer and am not panicking about all the deadlines.

  2. Isn't it wonderful the peace that comes over you when you declutter just even one area.I am sure that everyone thinks my sewing area"a desk under a window"is the dumping ground for bits of paper they are not sure what to do with(me included at times lol).Well done for doing the area that you spend a lot of time at,it takes away that stressed cluttered feeling and I find when my desk is sorted somehow my mind is as well.