Sunday, 4 November 2012

Food glorious food!

I haven't forgotten how to cook!
It's a whole week since I began this new blog, and it leads me from thought to thought; curious what takes my fancy each day, and what I choose to blog about. I have posted daily - though yesterday's entry never reached the screen, for I was preparing for a family party, and had not done such a thing for a year at least, ever since my dear husband became ill and subsequently discovered that we had to limit not only what he ate, but the ingredients used to prepare meals. But yesterday was a little different, because he had treated me to a very special leg of lamb - and so huge, we could never have consumed it all ourselves. And so on the spur of the moment I invited our child who just a few miles away with her husband and three children, all of whom enjoy sharing what we offer. All day was spent a) trying to remember how to cook and bake! and b) doing so, and preparing the table, and 'project bags' for the grandchildren who have outgrown childish games.

We enjoyed vegetables without number - roast potatoes, broccoli, leeks, carrots, peas, baked parsnips and sweetcorn. The grandchildren helped serve and clear the table, and kept an eye on the guttering candles. Raymond prepared little starter dishes of mixed salad - two sorts, one with fishy ingredients, the other with with cold meats and cheese; K. made the gravy (she always does), D. lifted the lamb onto a serving platter, little L - not so little now - checked the cutlery. We conversed; so much to talk about; school and out-of-school activities; early morning swimming training in Oxford before the day begins; poor K. tearing off a nail in a regional swimming competition in the army pool in Aldershot because the starting block was faulty - she continued her somewhat bloody race before being taken to A&E, yet still managed a 'pb' (personal best) ... 

And then dessert: fresh fruit, followed by peach tartlets, apple pie made from our own Gascoyne Scarlet apples with raisins, apricots and peach conserve (served with forbidden cream), plus lemon drizzle cake; all of which I fortunately remembered how to make. Sparkling Cava and a rather good bottle of red Tempranillo (the children enjoyed Irish apple juice), then coffee, tea and more chatter by the fire - we never did get around to the pancakes, but the batter sits in the fridge and I will indulge myself tonight, not personally being on any diet! A shame that we awoke this morning to a deluge as rain is somehow again pouring through the hall roof, onto the piano ... R. is up on the roof now, creating a diversion against further ingress - these old, old stone houses.

A longer post this, as it covers two days. And THANKYOU to everyone who has joined my in this first week of 'dilemmas and delights, and has shared comments, both here and on Facebook. I truly appreciate and value your friendship. P.S. Many of the stories to which I refer can be found on my other blogs - please click on any link at the right if you would like to explore further events in my crazy life.


  1. What a lovely family day! So precious because children grow up so quickly. Such a shame about the rain coming in again - hope it's sorted this time.
    Barbara x

  2. How lovely.I imagine no one will eat for a week now,just a special time.