Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday evening reflections

What I love doing and am again  moving towards
I've been somewhat busy this week so my aim of a daily post just did not materialise. And even today, I do not have a photo of what I have been up to, but it is related to the image above (which some readers will have seen elsewhere.) A year ago, I participated in the village craft show in the Church, and created what I called my 'castle turret' - it was certainly cold enough. I displayed my journals and mixed-media art in the de Mohun side chapel; our local medieval knight; so I gave the tiny area a feel of the past by carting down a trailer load of our old oak furniture. I blogged about it here.

But the significance of this event was that it persuaded me to participate in Warwickshire Open Studios in June and July this year - our caravan became my studio. I won't comment on the kind comments other than they have persuaded me to take another leap forward, now that I am stepping back from some of my commercial work. Today, I made that leap: a lovely time at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham) at Hobbycrafts an Art Materials Live. Nothing new in that, in that I go every year. But today was different; first I took a friend with me and second - a eureka moment. Rather than forget what I bought by stashing all away in a cupboard, I will make one integrated piece out of some of the bits and pieces. That will be a challenge. The results will appear on my Journaling blog, though I may well post the 'components' here when I unpack and take a pic in the daylight. That's the dilemma with my various blogs: on which one do I post when all my topics inter-relate?

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