Friday, 23 November 2012

Hurrah - except for the floods!

The Sor Brook flooding the water meadows by Broughton Castle, Banbury
It has been such a day, after 24 hours - and two inches - of rain, an orchard so squelchy you could drown in mud, and the start of an ART REVIVAL; transforming the roof space (attic under the third floor eaves) into a 'messy' slathering paint and paste studio. This has not been touched for so many years and the clutter has accumulated - anything we did not want to throw away went up the narrow ladder-stairs into it. Too low under the beams and rafters for anyone to stand upright except me .... re-organising is ongoing; thrilling.

And then a phone call from the doctor that my blood pressure which I have been monitoring for weeks is OK; acceptable. Hurrah! I can get on with my life. Also today came the page proofs of the first in my new series in 'Grow it!' magazine; a sort of scrapbook / compendium of inspiration in and out of the garden. I am thrilled with how it is looking; just what I have been visualising all these years. It comes out in a couple of weeks, the January 2013 issue. So all in all, a good day, though the Embroiderer's Guild 'silk bowl' workshop tomorrow has had to be cancelled as the roads are impassible in places. A shame, but more time for the art revival by a body refreshed (even though more rain is forecast). I hope no-one has suffered serious flooding - I'm thinking of you all, wherever you are.

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