Friday, 2 November 2012

Roses are forever

A guilty treat?
I gave myself a bouquet of roses today; well, two actually as they were on special offer - two bunches for £5.00. Remarkably good value as they last for at least three weeks, and if you 'water-dry' them, the flowers become desiccated and can be cut from the stems when dry and piled into a bowl. If kept away from sunlight and moisture they will last indefinitely, though over time will inevitably gather dust. Here's how to 'water-dry': after purchase, cut the stems with scissors or a sharp knife, and strip away any leaves that would be below the level of water in your jug or vase. Arrange in luke-warm water to which you have added a sachet of cut-flower food. No need to top up, just keep away from sunlight and enjoy the bouquet whilst it is fresh, and subsequently the resulting potpourri. Shop-bought roses have no scent, though if you grow your own musky shrub roses, such as 'Othello', the delicate perfume will last for years.

Buying flowers falls into my dilemma category, for it is an expense that could be avoided; we have much that can be plucked from the garden and brought indoors, even roses still. I always hope that my dear husband will buy me flowers, but he never does. At least he does not complain when I add them to the supermarket trolley - and as he was with me and is apt to comment on some of my purchases, I don't feel too guilty! The bowl on the right of the photo shows at least three previous purchases: deep red, carmine and a glorious apricot. I restrain myself, not buying every week, but intermittently since August. 

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  1. Lovely roses! I normally buy flowers for myself, but usually, twice a year - valentine's day and our wedding anniversary - my husband treats me to a bouquet.The whole arrangement gets treated to your drying method and I'm always reluctant to throw them out.

    Barbara x