Monday, 19 November 2012

Such a relief ...

I can't think that this post will be a delight to anyone but me!
I'm smiling! Finally after two months of treatment, my damaged front tooth is repaired with a splendid new crown - better than the original tooth! I shall be able to eat again without having to cut EVERYTHING up into miniscule pieces. Thankyou to my excellent dentist (Doctor C) who managed to save me from disaster - it was costly treatment, but the alternative did not bear thinking about. It would have involved hospital treatment and a difficult extraction - I would look even more of a hag with a toothless grin - or a very expensive implant which would have taken months, and which I could never have afforded.

Now all I am awaiting is a call from the medical surgery regarding my 'uplifted' blood pressure which I have been monitoring over the last month (very boring, and I kept forgetting). Hopefully it will be considered to be OK, and I can get on with the things I love doing, and enjoy the calm which is becoming a part of my life after the turmoil of the last 18 months. Serenity.


  1. GOOD NEWS, Ann! I'm delighted for you.

  2. O'h Ann I know exactly how you feel! At 14 I dived into the local swimming pool and hit the bottom and broke off half of my lovely front tooth.I was embarrassed all of my adult life until about my 30's as back then you ended up with a blackish tooth and a half crown.Finally a full crown was put in and i was so happy,no one but the family would know how much I hated it,but it was a wondrous feeling and I still think about it sometimes.

  3. Good news, Ann. Hope everything will be ok.