Thursday, 1 November 2012

What I love doing ...

Part of a map trail - words, images and fabric
One of the creative activities I love doing is to produce little travel journals with a difference, from old maps. I call them map trails, and, apart from maps, they incorporate sketches, photos, paper napkins, textiles, stitching, hand-written text and embellishments. The image above (click on it to see it at a larger size) was part of an eight-page 'nature journal' I was commissioned to make  for a gardening magazine, about two years ago, I think. I don't seem to have posted this particular map trail before on any of my blogs, though you can see the whole concertina (in an unfinished stage) as the header to one of my others ('Journaling the Journal'). Details of how I set about creating a map trail are given in an earlier post on that blog.I have many map trails of different sorts on the go simultaneously, and many waiting to be finished. It's a question of making time (impossible when travelling AND working) and back home, play is rarely top of the list! I hope the idea inspires you to make you own map trails or nature diary, or whatever.

And "Hello" to my latest followers: it's a pleasure to have you follow my 'Dilemmas & Delights' journey.


  1. Ann, I always enjoy reading your blogs, they bring a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and art with us.

  2. Wow just read your entry about creating a map trail, it looks difficult, but am inspired to think about it, perhaps a simpler version for me, ranged round a nature diary maybe. Thank you for showing the method ;)

  3. I remember when we came over and did an Ireland tour,there was a lady on the bus that id a journal daily after each stop,hers was glorious no other words,little drawings of the things we had seen etc,I did an evening journal,no drawings in mine lol I was so envious and this bought back that memory.Thanks Ann.