Monday, 12 November 2012

Yesterday's Delight

Ready for planting
Two days in the garden in bright sunshine, and I reclaimed three of the four potager beds in the 'courtyard' - and area of garden surrounded by wildlife friendly shrubs - and even managed to replant them. It's all part of the restructuring of my life (!) in which I am spending more time on the garden and home and less on non-stop commissions. Last year, this little mini-garden was devoted to food - a wet summer and far too much time away travelling and it looked so sorry for itself. Now the beds are being converted, but I will show you just this one - the cutting patch to provide flowers for the house. This shows all my bulb acquisitions laid out ready to plant. There are tulips and miniature daffs, pink and mauve hycinths, unusual fritillaria and heavenly blue grape-hyacinths. Bulbs run into summer if you plant alliums, and I have some white-starred clusters and blue pmo-poms. Over them (not seen) is a grid of tiny wallflower plants, and once sorted, I will scatter seed of annual flowers such as calendula, cornflower and love-in-a-mist. The seedlings will grow through the bulbs and take over as the bulb foliage dies. A delight to plant and sow, and delight in the making as the shoots emerge and flower.

For those of you who love gardening, why not follow my 'Gardener's Companion' blog which I am engaged to write weekly for seed and plant company Dobies of Devon. Or if you prefer to see articles in print, follow my new monthly series on the 'Productive Garden' which are my 2013 commissions from 'Grow it!' magazine. The January issue comes out in December, and I'm really excited about sharing my various mini-gardens and a whole lot else. I've recently written (2012 features) about turning fruit (wild and garden-grown) into drinkable beverages, reviewed the Malvern Autumn Show, and offered advice on creating garden journals and keeping records (available some time this month) - including making a simple 'seed-keeper'. Check the publisher's website here.

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