Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bird Berries and four images

My berried Cotoneaster tree
Luckily I took this photo a couple of days ago, before the snow - just a light dusting, that's all, but it brought in the fieldfares that up till now had been feeding on fallen apples in the orchard. And now they are devouring them as fast as they can and if the cold spell continues, the branches will be stripped and bare of berries.

Sealing-wax red against the bright blue sky; an unusual blue here for late Autumn. It reminded me to always have my camera ready, though I cannot walk around the garden with it hanging around my neck and have determined that I will always have my older pocket Sony actually in my pocket. Frequently, by the time I run (walk) indoors to fetch the bigger camera, the light has gone or the sun disappears behind a cloud.

Cropped and enlarged and I don't think it looks any different! Yet I have the facility
on my camera to see parts of the image enlarged and it looks perfect. Lots of
learning to do; my apologies for using a blog post as a sounding board.
And I'm trying some experiments. I've always cropped my photos as needed, even though I 'compose' the shot on the camera's large viewing screen. But I will shortly be trialing new ways of transferring images to fabric, and for that I need real close-ups and do not have the necessary lens. So much cheaper  - if it works - to take the image at high resolution and then select a portion. So for once on this blog, I am posting two images, just to see how the extracted portion looks on screen - I forgot to take the original at high-res so it may not work; it may indeed look awful.

Close up of a close up
And I think it does. Can't achieve what I am looking for. So further cropping and playing around i Photoshop; and what do I get - just a blurry part-close up that has camera shake!) As I knew it would, Should have used a tripod. And this top part of the tree is at roof level.

Enlargement-3 - WELL!
One more trial enlargement - another crop and resizing then Back to School. Maybe see where I started and if you've got this far ... thank you.

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