Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Never mind that it is pouring with rain, and I still have to clear the lounge and kitchen after last night's lovely family gathering, write and deliver the local Christmas cards around the village, and wrap small gifts for others in the family. We are snug and warm and dear Raymond is making our second morning mug of hot tea as I sit in bed seeing if I can create a blog post on my iPad (had to finish it on the laptop). It's an abstemious Christmas, but I gifted spare creative supplies to the grandchildren who visited last night - paint, knit, crochet. Wish I had taken a pic of the three of them sitting in the inglenook by the log fire. 

These flowers were on special offer in our local Morrisons (Banbury) - local being ten miles away! and I bought two bunches for less than £3.00. A bit of summer on a cheerless grey day, though the view from the bedroom window is perfectly seasonal: trees all soft browns tinged with the merest hint of burned orange and shades of misty watery silk hanging from a lowering sky.

Merry Christmas everyone. xxx

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