Monday, 31 December 2012

Creativity is on the move again

So easy to open and they stack
A quick post because today I am working, endeavouring to catch up on some of the tasks that were missed whilst I was ill for so many weeks. Fully recovered now, and joy of joys, I have de-cluttered my workspace that I share with the laundry. I had planned to do this during December so as to make a fresh start come January, and have managed to do so just in time. Having described in the last post how I organise my office workspace (still tidy !!), here's a brief explanation as to my textile/paper-based 'play'; though increasingly this aspect is a part of my work. All my illustrated creative journals are in magazine racks in the lounge, as are for the moment my folders of 'inspiration'. I have numerous 'Project Boxes' (illustrated) which are perfect for the supplies/fabrics associated with each of the small-scale creations in progress - rather a lot at present - and a Project Board on which I pin luggage labels that tell me what is in each box and the nature of what I am producing.

Too many writing commissions during 2011/2012, and my husband's illness (he's fine at present), have meant that whilst I have outlined and sketched many ideas and collected components, the actual projects are awaiting my attention. I have a plan for 2013 and as I work through each box, and outline what I am doing in my journals, they will be posted in greater depth, sometimes with instructions, in my 'Journaling the Journal' blog which has languished for two months whilst creativity was not foremost in my mind; just survival.

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  1. It is so good to hear you sounding positive and creative again. Wishing you a healthy, happy and interesting year in 2013.