Monday, 10 December 2012

More wine sketching

Having a bit of fun
Even though it is perhaps not 'the done thing' to comment on one's own work, I have been surprised and delighted at the response I have received to my 'wine-sketching'. This is another experiment. I'm creating quite a portfolio and eventually they will go onto my journaling blog with a few notes on just how simple a method this is for a 'non-artist'. They are truly scribble sketches, done in literally a few minutes whilst suffering ads on TV which I cannot abide.

Just a quick sketch on rough-surfaced watercolour paper, dip fingers into wine (red or white according to subject), then swirl fingers over sketch to create 'atmosphere'. Whilst still wet, add watercolour paint or neocolor soluble crayon, as here. The crayon doesn't take as well as the paint, and the scan seems to eliminate the pale colours; though if you click on the image it appears as it should. The left hand sketch is a 'self-portrait' depicting my blinding head-ache; and the right hand one is my bad-tempered statement as a small child, "Why can't I have pigtails?" - because I always wanted long hair and wasn't allowed it. My hair was actually flaxen then, and is ashen-grey now; which is somehow what I feel. But these are fun to do.


  1. Love these little wine sketches of yours. When I was young - about the same year you were young, I had long pigtails I could sit on, and I so wanted to have them cut off so I could curl my hair.
    From reading your blog, I think we might have passed each other on many an occasion when you visited London, but didn't have the sense to stop and say hello to each other!

  2. How fantastic,how many clever ideas lurk in your wonderful world.