Saturday, 29 December 2012

Progress at last

Work surface in the office
Back to work today, but first a recollection of such a lovely Christmas; having seen all three children, our two daughters-in-law, our son-in-law and all nine grandchildren - not all at once but in the space of less than a week. So good to catch up on all the news, and eat and sleep. And between all the happiness and jollity, I found time to re-work my office space, the better to reflect my 2013 commissions; everything to hand, plus a chart to detail what is in the various 'seed-tray' storage compartments. The image shows just the work surface behind my desk where I sit typing this. To my left is the window that overlooks the village green, and the window cill piled with art journaling and a small bookcase with my working journals. In front of me is a built-in bookcase with some of my favourite reference books. To my right are tow storage boxes that hold folders of all my published articles over the last 12 years, and on top a tray on which I dump' bills and receipts and things needing attention. And to the left of the pic above of the worksurface is a three-sided space: a table with printer and mac mini, a work-surface with scanner on top of a bookcase with technical reference books, and a storage chest of drawers and boxes of CDs on which are stored thousands of images used in my various magazine features - that was before the time of sending everything online. (Through the gap between bookcase and chest of drawers is my husband's workspace; his computers and printers where he creates large-scale photo-collages from his beautiful images.)

My new 'Task Basket'
To keep track of all this, and of the many notebooks and scraps of paper on which I jot down phrases and word whispers, the start and ending of an article (I always write these first!), or brainwaves and ideas, is complicated. So as of today, I now have a 'Task Basket' which can be carried to any other part of the house when needed (downstairs where I catch up on work-related reading of an evening). It holds the new notebooks I was given fro Christmas, highlight pens for colour-coding, my diary, and my cross-genre sectioned 'bible' which goes everywhere with me and covers creativity as well as work - for everything in my life overlaps. All so exciting. I love the planning and research that goes into everything I do, and once that all starts to take shape for any project, words fall into place. And tomorrow - at last - will come the revamp of my creative space; paints, papers, fabrics, sewing machine and art journals and a whole lot more. 


  1. Task basket? What a great idea, Ann. What do you use for your cross genre sectioned bible?

  2. Laurie, it's from WH Smith and I buy them whenever I see them. I have a spare and will look up the reference and email you. It's divided into sections, but after that you customise your own. I will let you know what I use, and maybe write a post on my Journaling blog because it is good if one has many different types of hobby, or work, or whatever. It has pockets and other useful simple devices and is very much an aide-memoire, for me at least. I use other memory-joggers such as 'Task Boards' with pins and luggage labels. For me it has to be tactile; computer notes are just not the same . I think I began this particular system in early 2011, but it is interlinked to my individual working notebooks.