Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rediscovering where our year has gone

A few of my illustrated journals
I woke with an incipient cold, feeling wretched, but as usual with work to do. My dear husband brought me breakfast in bed, and encouraged me to stay there! I did not need much persuading. At which point, he arrived with my laptop and the suggestion that I should 'write the Christmas newsletter' ..... This is usually a four-page A4 account of our year, sent to friends and relations whom we don't see that often. It's illustrated by Raymond's beautiful photographs and printed on the large A3 printer we use for commercial work. I had been stalling this year and did so again this morning. But how fortunate I am, to be able to sit in bed, the sun streaming through the bedroom window, snow on the village green and silence, apart from the sound of the drill as R fixes a much-needed handrail to the stairs.

I open the laptop and experience a 'senior moment'; what to write? It's not been an easy year. So I spend two hours reading my daily journal from cover to cover, making notes. This is not one of my 'art' journals like those shown above, but a private diary that is never seen by anyone else. As I read, and realise that we've actually accomplished quite a lot, I find myself attaching dozens of post-it notes on the pages that reflect potential and existing art projects - which should be rights be in my sketchbooks, but aren't; for if ideas occur whilst I am drinking my morning mug of tea around 6.00am-ish, they go into the 'morning pages' kept by the bed. Message to self: "make more time for creativity" - but it's too soon for 'new year resolutions', and time to start writing the newsletter! 

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  1. Ann these journals will be an amazing legacy to your family,I start and stop them and get very cross with myself for not keeping them going,I shall now get my current one back out,unlike you life is pretty hum drum as work things are not always interesting,however I do write down thoughts and funny little things the grandchildren say ,now I have missed many of these because of laziness,you have made me think of the importance of journals in our life.Hope you feel better very soon.