Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back in bed !!!

From my iPad photo trawl
You will not believe that only two days into the new year I am back in bed. And all was going so well, not been overdoing it, making time to play and read and full of plans for my 2013 working commissions. At least I can trial my new iPad blogger app, and the iPhoto one and see if I can post without fetching the laptop from the office. Thought that has to be done as I have a really complicated schedule to prepare in chart form. This 'under-the-weather' dilemma is one that it seems may pursue me; horrible, for I have never been a shirker. P.S. Didn't work from iPad - I need to practise using the apps!


  1. Dear Ann, I know you are feeling poorly and it is such shame I hope that you will be well soon.You are an inspiration they way you soldier on,I do admisre you so very much.

  2. I do hope that your health and your energy soon returns Ann. It is horrible to feel low and under the weather.

  3. Hope you are up and about very soon Ann - isn't it exciting having an iPad? I love mine! X