Thursday, 31 January 2013

Flowers like silk

Creating my own pot-pourri
I went shopping into town today and would normally have bought fresh flowers. But the beautiful amaryllis about which I posted on 12th January are ageing with elegant grace. To me, they still look beautiful with a silken air to them. I am adopting my method of 'water-drying'. You can only do this with certain flowers - roses, lavender, feverfew, hyacinths and the like. You just leave them in the water  (better if it has had the cut-flower sachet added which comes with some bunches, at least it does from our supermarket). Strange though it may seem, you achieve a much more realistic result when water drying; the petals dry more naturally without so much shrivelling. I have bowls all over the house; they do not last for ever, but rose petals retain their fragrance for years.

Gradually, the petals become papery and eventually quite desiccated; at which point the petals can be snipped off the stalk; they can be laid on a cake rack covered in muslin until they are quite dry, and then heaped onto a platter or into a bowl. Eventually you will have a collection of 'pot-pourri' that will last for years; just keep it free of dust! I do not add fragrance sprays or anything like that; it's the beauty of the petals that I like, and anyway, I am allergic to scent of any kind!


  1. This sounds like a great idea,I usually use my small dehydrater but I am going to try this next tim I have enough blooms,thank you Ann.

    1. Carole, I have a dehydrator as well, but these are somehow more natural, and tend to be less brittle. Have fun!