Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday cheer

Cheerful and demanding to be sketched
These seemed such fun on a cold January day; not snowing or raining, but a sharp wind from the east. I love amaryllis and these glorious flaming flowers have been gradually unfolding on the lounge window cill all week; bought as a bouquet of three blooms, they were only a couple of pounds and far cheaper than if I had grown my own from a tuber, and much more magnificent. So I post them to celebrate a good and productive week; much accomplished, office work in order, a large trailer-load of scrap wood collected this morning to heat the house, the sun is now shining (14.23 hrs) and I am about to disappear beneath ground into my workroom-cum-laundery room to stitch my 'Florilegium' which has been languishing since the Open Studios event in July. Need to finish it as I am demonstrating at our local embroiderer's guild on Thursday night - so long as it doesn't snow and I can get there!

1 comment:

  1. What lovely flowers! Pleased you've had a good and productive week.
    Barbara x