Saturday, 5 January 2013

What you can do with paper ....

Paper fabric made from bits of torn wrapping paper,
pages from a dictionary and tissue
pasted and stitched onto a muslin backing
I'm having a lazy day - sorting photos, writing and typing 'word whispers' for a new textile book and generally enjoying myself. I came across this gift bag I made for a magazine feature a few years bag. Basically you make fabric out of paper which you then stitch into whatever you want. The feature was a step-by-step tutorial; an idea I had put to an editor who thought the technique was a little different and so she said, "go ahead". Which I did, but the paper I chose to use was somewhat too substantial and by the time I had created the 'fabric' and then quilted and stitched it, it was so tough that it could not be used for what had been intended; to fill it with lavender harvested from my own garden. Instead, it is perfect as a gift bag with a bar of scented soap tucked inside. I learned a lesson that day: don't offer an article using techniques you have not worked to completion! The technique is perfectly OK for lighter weight papers - if you care to read the article, leave me a comment and I will email you a scan as a pdf (it's only a single page), so long as you have an email address in your profile.


  1. Ann, this sounds like the perfect way to use up some interesting papers I have. As I read this, I thought of trying it on my own since I love stitching on paper, but since you so kindly offered a pdf, I'd love to have a copy. Chris

    1. Dear Chris, I've saved your email (from your profile) and will forward the pdf as soon as I can locate where I filed it! Bit busy today with writing features so please bear with me. I've made a note in my diary so I don't forget! Ann.

  2. I just found your jpg page " Say it with Flowers" on your other blog, and it is very clear, so if it's the same directions, I can follow it quite well. I love your paper and fabric work, the gardening pieces are wonderful, I only wish I were in England to see the lovely textures them in person. Chris