Monday, 28 January 2013

Which way now?

So much nostalgia; a visit to Cornwall, and a  Daphne du Maurier novel
Many dilemmas tonight, which I will not pursue;  but will post this nostalgic delight from times past. I think that if you visit my more personal blog - Wild Somerset Child - you may gain more insight into the past couple of years. The posts on this blog are not meant to be soul-searching, but the D&D title is a double-edged sword.  Its inception was in fact never intended, but a trial to setting up blogs for a magazine article I was writing at the time; and it grew from there. Most of my posts have been 'delights', but it worries me somewhat when it comes to 'dilemmas'. Dilemmas occur for all of us I guess every day. So why did I choose such a title?

Because it was never intended to be an actual blog! 'Dilemma' at the time seemed to encapsulate some sort of flippancy; and, always enjoying the sound of words, 'Delights' followed: a sort of alliteration to which I remember being introduced in my 1947 English class. The joys of childhood. OK, I have rambled enough. Delights outweigh Dilemmas, and surely that is sufficient?

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