Saturday, 23 February 2013

Creating with seedpods

Strange how the mind has lapses and remembering simple tasks becomes impossible. Just now, I was again playing with the iPad because it is such a useful device when we are away from home. Though right now I am lazily lap-tapping in bed, not because I am I'll, but within that early morning draining tea time. And I was practising using the photo app which comes with the iPad but can't find - or have forgotten - how to get an image into a blog post! Emailed it to myself, saved it, and now cannot find where it has been stored. So I will have to resort to the laptop.

But the purpose of this image is to share my love of seedpods. Nigella, or Love-in-a-Mist which has delighted me ever since I was a child. Annuals, I sow them every year, they they self-seed readily. The seedpods change from a subtle green with tinges of mauve and then the whole thing changes to a bleached calico colour. I sketched a page full some years ago, emphasising the colour. It was during the time I went to an art class and was encouraged to work LARGE though I prefer miniatures so it was a tough assignment. Later, I scanned the results and used them in this cover for a textile book which was to be called 'Seeds of Inspiration' - a joint project with a friend in America. The project fell by the wayside, but I still have the notebook in which are recorded all the entries that were to be created back and forth between here and the USA. They just never came to fruition.

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