Sunday, 17 March 2013

Winter walk 2012

The River Mole, East Molesey, Surrey, England - March 2012
I find this image calming, and in my busy - and at the moment, fraught - life, I need such influences. This particular photo reminds me of the day on which I took it, of the place and occasion. We were staying wIth our younger son and his lovely wife and family in East Molesey, Surrey (near Hampton Court) and went for a Sunday morning walk. I took many images so as to document the weekend in a small textile journal which has not yet materialised. So stupid as it would not take long to make and all the word-whispers were written as I walked. I found the photo again the other day when sorting my thousands of dis-organised images for something else.

The rest of the walking party wondered why wife, mother and grandmother lagged behind. But then I usually do - looking, recording, inspired by where I am and by what I see and hear and do. All would pass me by if I chatted, blinkered; very unsociable. It was exactly a year ago, before husband R became ill (though he already was) and before I, too, succumbed towards the end of the year to the pressure of it all.

It is a delight to me, this river, running swift and swollen towards its confluence with the Thames less than a mile away. (And seventy and more years ago I would be driven past it by my grandparents way upstream, beyond the north Downs towards Betchworth and Leigh, when I lived with them at the start of World War II. Raymond (my husband) has fished this river, in a mill pool at Cobham, not far from where we lived when first married. Full circle in a way.

I am composed now, writing all this. Writing for me, for my own pleasure, not for work. The dilemma is in keeping myself this way!

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