Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Images for Printing on Cloth

The secret of the rocks
Brittany Indulgence - I spent ten days with my husband in Brittany and of all that we did, travelling with our motorhome, this was my most perfect afternoon, at Kerval Plage near Douarnenez. The long beach was deserted and in the distance, with the tide coming in, I spotted this cave. I had to explore. Took me ten minutes to reach it, and I had to make sure I would not be cut off. And when I got there, what a find. Recent rocks falls, where the whole cliff face had dropped away, had revealed such rock structures and formations and colours to die (dye) for. I must have taken 30 large shots, intending to print on fabric. Reducing them does not do them justice. I was afraid that the strong sunlight would bleach them but no, I have enough material here to print and snip and re-purpose. It was just so beautiful, so peaceful, and completely restorative. Just what the doctor ordered !!

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  1. It s great tonlearn that your trip gave youbsome peace and inspiration.