Thursday, 19 September 2013

Light a candle ...

Out shopping yesterday for functional items for the house and garden, I spotted this beautiful, delicate and subtly-scented candle - well it was the holder actually that caught my eye. And as that morning I had achieved a self-imposed goal, I decided it would look perfect in my office-cum-workroom, on my desk by the window where I think and write creative thoughts.

For you see, whenever I light it, I will remember with gratitude the support of so many people who unknowingly have helped me reach my target of 10,000 page-hits on the Blog that I am engaged to write for the Three Counties Showground. At 9.00am yesterday, I switched on the computer, checked the stats, and the magic figure was there! 

So my candle represents a celebration for all the times readers known and unknown have read the blog or responded to a prompt on Facebook or Twitter. Thankyou for making it happen. I am not celebrating my achievement, for I am but the voice telling a story; it's the subject that matters. And I'm not stopping at 10,000; I never thought such a figure could be reached when I began in February, previewing and reviewing the Malvern Shows, and next week I'll be at the Autumn Show - more posts. Such a magical setting, and so much inspiration-in-waiting for all the things I most love doing. I hope my posts will beguile you: Ann's Malvern Jotter.

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